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If you landed here, you must have clicked on a secret link on my home page. I hid a link there for my friends and family to click to see pictures and stuff.

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Daily Dose
Drear Leader A Drawing of our Drear Leader in the year of 2017. Use for posters, dart boards, or toilet paper as you wish.
Thunderbird Message Filter Tutorial Tutorial for my Mother for creating Message Filters in Thunderbird.

Thunderbird Logo belongs to

The Piggy Picture My sister, listening to the pigs talk. Hoping they had "done it" so the boar could go home.
Jolinda's Desert Adventure A story I wrote for my neice a few years ago. With pictures.
The big one Mom's 1998 Birthday Present
A Thunderbird How-ToA Thunderbird How-To for a "Move To" button on the Toolbar
An Avatar
My blog that is really just a list of books to read. AKA a BLOB (Big List Of Books)

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