Making Picots

This is for left handed tatting. To see Picots for right handed tatting, go to the picots.html document.

You need to be familiar with making the basic tatting knot before going on to picots. Refer back to the begining pages if you need a refresher.

Right handed or Left handed

Picots are a staple of tatting. They give it the lacy look. They are also how rings are joined together.

Here is how to form a picot.

First make one complete stitch. Then, go on as if doing the first half of a regular sitch.

Leave a space between the new stitch and the previous stitch.

The amount of space you leave will determine how big the final picot will be.

Slide the completed stitch over to the previous one.

Practicing is the way to get picots to be even.

Now you can go on to closing the ring.

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-Carrie Carlson